Rainmail Server User Guide
Sending Faxes

Any document can be sent as a Fax simply by printing the document to Hylaxfax Fax Printer. We will see an example of how to fax a Word document in here. The example is shown using Microsoft Word 2010 and Windows 7.

  1. For fax to be sent from the user Desktop, it is essential that the client is running. Users should execute the client by
    • Double clicking on the WHFC icon in Desktop, or
    • In Windows, going to Start -> All Programs -> WHFC -> Whfc 1.2.4
  2. Open the document in Microsoft Word 2010. From the File menu, select Print. That will bring up the following page.

  1. Select Hylafax Fax Printer to print and click on Print button. That will bring up the following dialog.

  1. Enter the fax number you want to send Fax to in Fax No field.
  2. Optionally, a Fax cover can be specified. To specify a fax cover page, do the following:
    • Check Use Faxcover box.
    • User can specify details about sending process in following field:
      • Faxcover Any postscript (.ps) file can be specified as a Cover page.
      • Regarding A brief description of Fax can be specified in here
      • Comments Description of Fax, delivery instructions can be specified here.
      • Faxcover from Sender details can be specified in Fax No:, Voice No:, Company and Description fields.
    • Additionally, recipient details can be specified in Faxcover to form. The details that can be entered are To: (name), Company:, Location: and Voice No:.
  3. Click on OK
  4. The fax will be sent to the Fax server and will be sent by Rainmail Fax Server to specified number. You can track the progress of Fax in the Send queue. User will get an email under the following conditions:
    • Fax delivery succeeded.
    • Fax delivery failed.
    • Fax delivery temporarily failed and will be re-tried in a short while.
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