Rainmail Server User Guide
SMS Alerts on Email

Rainmail Server allows users to get a SMS alert when an important email reaches them. This feature is available, but not enabled by default. Rainmail Administrators can enable the feature by connecting a GSM Modem (with a SIM Card) to Rainmail Server Hardware. Once enabled, users need to specify their cell numbers. Once the cell numbers are specified, users will get a SMS alert on their mobile phone whenever an important email comes in. Some of the points to note are:

  1. An email is considered important when the Sender marks the email as High Priority or marks its importance as High.
  2. Due to the limitations on number of characters a SMS can contain, SMS does not contain the whole email content.
  3. The SMS Alert contains the following:
    • Sender Address
    • Subject of Email
    • First few characters (typically 75 characters) of the Email content.
  4. Once SMS is received, user is expected to check the Email using traditional Email clients/Webmail.

Please note that this feature is not a replacement for full fledged Mobile Email access. SMS alerts work like a pager. For full fledged Mobile access, you may refer to Rainmail Server - Enterprise Edition. Users can set to receive SMS Alerts as follows:

  1. Open Rainmail Server home page. That will show the links as below

  1. In some cases, Rainmail Administrator could have changed the home page and disabled the forward link. In this case, please contact your Rainmail Administrator to enable SMS Alerts.
  2. Click on Set Mail forwarding/auto responder rules. That will bring up the following page.

  1. In the above page
    • Enter user part of Email address in User name: edit field.
    • Enter user password in Current Password: edit field.
    • In the Mobile Number for SMS Alert: field, enter user's Mobile number. An example is provided in the above page.
    • Click on Change button.
  2. If SMS alert is set successfully, the following dialog will appear.

  1. Once set, user will get a SMS alert whenever an important email comes in.
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