Rainmail Server User Guide
Creating a new file

New file can be created using IFS as follows:

  1. Login to IFS and navigate to the folder where the file has to be created. In the Window that comes up, click on the File Upload link (indicated by Red Oval below).

  1. That will bring up the following Window

  1. Click on Browse button. Select the file to upload from the File dialog that comes up.
  2. Click on Upload button.
  3. If this is a new file (not already existing in the folder), the file is uploaded onto File Server and following message is displayed.

  1. If it is an already existing file, following message appears.

  1. To over write the file, reselect the file using Browse button and click on Overwrite button.
  2. That will upload the new file into IFS (and delete the old one with same name).
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